Management Consulting

Shareholders, top management or business unit managers occasionally experience the need for a company or a corporate group to perform a strategic diagnosis.

In the Vietnamese business environment, many global and local corporations tend to expand multi-sectored and in many industry sectors they lack managerial and operational experience. Companies that do well are normally those that stay focused (in an industry/ business line, or particular market segment or geographic areas).

​Strategic Diagnosis

Strategic diagnosis is viewed as a necessary exercise even for well-performing businesses and assets, in order to get an external and challenging view, to realign some business levers with customer expectations and/or industry standards, and to identify untapped potential and optimization opportunities.

Where there are business issues or poor performance (notably that experienced by newly added business units in a fast-growing multi-sectored corporate group), the strategic diagnosis will identify misalignments with customer expectations and/or industry standards and understand issues, find solutions and improvement levers and clarify the need to adapt the development model.

DPCA has a strong track record in performing strategic diagnosis, with proven their capabilities over several projects in analyzing the environment and competitive positioning, decrypting the customer voice and analyzing the company’s positioning on key success factors and identifying business misalignments. We can mobilize, when relevant, experienced in-house CEOs or business functions experts.

Operational Diagnosis & Competitive Benchmarking

Operational Diagnosis & Competitive Benchmarking could be done as a standalone exercise or embedded in a comprehensive diagnosis that first includes strategic diagnosis for a high-level review before coming to the detailed levels of operations.

An operational diagnosis will enable you to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization and to understand its operations, so as to evaluate the impact of passt interventions or to determine what the next interventions should be.  

During the diagnosis, our specialists conduct observations and field studies in the typical following areas: organizational structure, management behavior & tools, communication structure, organizational performance (financial and commercial), This helps to identify the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

How we can help you

DCPA develop a 5-step process which consists of:

· Diagnosis planning

· Information collection

· Synthesis, analysis, and report drafting

· Discussion with Client’s in-charge persons

· Report finalization



A step further to Operational Diagnosis is Competitive Benchmarking, a systematic process to compare the performance of your company against a number of competitors or the industry average by using a set number of metrics. Through benchmarking, DCPA can help you conduct a competitor-to-competitor comparison of products and services and gauge the best performance to be achieved. While conducting competitive benchmarking analysis is not an easy process, it can provide businesses with the necessary insights to identify superior products, services, processes, and practices. Such insights can be utilized by companies to reduce costs, improve quality of products or services, and enhance customer service.