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Market Entry and Research

Understanding potential foreign markets can make or break international business activities. Our Vietnam market entry services help clients succeed in new markets within Vietnam. Our market knowledge, business experience and analytics turn data into insight.

DCPA can assist clients whichever their goals: increase market share (in existing markets), seek new markets overseas, intensify product offerings (in existing markets), or introduce new products in new markets, through a varied portfolio of market entry and research services:

Market Study and Analysis

DCPA provides results-based, tailored market study in a view to identifying the right market entry and growth strategies for Vietnam. We help businesses by providing them with focused perspectives and analysis to enhance decision-making, performance and growth.

We know that success relies on access to relevant and up-to-date information combined with accurate on-the-ground support. Although information may appear to be increasingly accessible, acquiring accurate, relevant and timely information can be challenging. DCPA has functional research skills, nationwide coverage and an understanding of diverse industries to develop comprehensive analysis and provide definitive recommendations.

Typical assignments include:

  • Quick market scans or comprehensive market studies
  • Specific market studies on consumer/market trends and product opportunities
  • Market/industry/sector updates focusing on recent developments or changes
  • Market entry opportunity assessment
  • Growth opportunities assessment
  • Player profiling, partner screening and identification
  • Competitive benchmarking and analysis
  • Identification of investment opportunities

Our work is generally both quantitative and qualitative, based on an optimal combination of desk and field research. Our fact-based and analytical approach leverages a deep understanding of the subject matter and ensures that the real issues are identified and explored. This also represents the competitive edge of our Vietnam market entry services.

Market Entry Strategies

Based on relevant market study results, DCPA helps identify business opportunities for clients and determine the most appropriate entry strategies for Vietnam market. The task typically includes the pro-and-con analysis of the following entry options:

  • Commercial alliance (i.e. distributorship, product licensing, franchising, contracted manufacturing, other strategic alliances or partnerships)
  • Strategic acquisition of a local established player
  • Greenfield investment (joint venture with a local established player or a wholly-owned company)
  • A combination of one or more of the above options.

The pro-and-con analysis would typically include a weighing, scoring and ranking of options to enhance a client’s decision-making process.

Business Matching/ Partner Search

Once the client has opted for a market entry strategy for Vietnam, we will further assist client in implementation of the strategy, typically starting with business matching.

Partnering with the right people is crucial for any partnership. DCPA’s business matching services are designed to help clients find the right partner and understand the market potential and preferences in order to establish strong and profitable long-term business relationships. In a typical assignment such as this, we scan the market, identify and profile relevant partners, typically such as:

  • Joint venture partners
  • Suppliers or exporters: See further in Supply Sourcing
  • Distributors, agents or importers/ buyers
  • Partners to other commercial or strategic alliances, including M&A.

In certain instances, we conduct business matching under the format of Trade Missions.

Trade Missions/ Validation Visits

We can organize a trade mission to guide a group of business people, corporate executives or investors with regard to their business objectives in Vietnam. Based on clients’ specific requests, we will hold trade missions with a goal to identify potential business partners and match with the most suitors. Our trade missions provide a unique opportunity for personal interaction to close the gap between the investor (or simply a business opportunity seeker) and the potential opportunities. Such a mission typically includes collective meetings with various potential partners and relevant government authorities and optionally a reception event with all related partners and industry players, plus one-on-one private meetings between directly interested parties for matching purposes.

Operation Setup

Vietnam currently offers international players numerous advantages within the Asian region for their expansion considerations: large and steadily growing population, low labor costs, central location in ASEAN, good logistics conditions, as well as high economic and social stability.

When you consider establishing a new operational unit in Vietnam – whether it is a distribution operation or manufacturing facility, you may face numerous challenges, given your limited knowledge of the local market’s idiosyncrasies, business environment and mechanisms. DCPA’s Operation Setup services can help you meet your company‘s business objectives, budgets and productivity targets and simultaneously provide a platform that allows for continued, sustainable growth in the new market.

We can help you with new operation setup in the following aspects:

  • Legal structure and tax effectiveness considerations
  • Budgeting & financial forecast
  • Site/ premise identification, evaluation and selection (distribution center/ warehouse, showroom, office, manufacturing plant); logistics solutions
  • Recruitment of key personnel (managers, sales persons, etc.)
  • Operating software or system
  • Equipment, stationery and devices
  • Sales/marketing strategy, organization and support
  • Contracting and legal procedures
  • Other operational support (per client’s specific requests)

Supplier Sourcing

We introduce our clients to the best potential sourcing partners in their target industries and provide actionable plans of how their products, services, and pricing fit into the Vietnam market. We identify and contact the best potential companies in the market on our client’s behalf, discuss products and/or services with them, and provide them with a short profile of potential partners’ organizations, business activities, major product offerings, and levels of interest. In addition, we provide comprehensive summaries of the overall market reaction to our clients’ product or service.

By performing the following tasks, we can provide a wealth of relevant information about local manufacturers or suppliers to ensure our clients’ success:

  • Analyzing sourcing requests
  • Searching for local manufacturers/suppliers
  • Recommending suitable partners
  • Conducting B2B matching.



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