Corporate Secretarial & Misc Business Support

We help by taking care of all the local regulatory or documentation processes required of corporations in cases of routine business license amendents or bank accounts opening.

Corporate Secretarial & Misc Business Support

Regulatory processes for corporations differ greatly from one jurisdiction to another. In Vietnam, these processes might become cumbersome and strange for the Vietnamese entities of many international corporate groups given Vietnam’s legal system with numerous idiosyncrasies. Let us take care the regulatory processes in cases of changes taking place within your corporate life (changes of company name, registered offices, business scope, ownership structure, personal info of legal representative(s) or shareholders/ owners).

DCPA can also assist in various types of bank accounts opening – for both domestic and non-resident clients. Bank account categories may include: operational account, capital account (direct or portfolio investment), payment account, etc. Whatever the case, documentation required by a bank can be daunting or tedious. Our good network with local and international banks based in Vietnam can help a great deal in this process.

Team Leader

Truong Tran

(MBA)  Partner, Business Advisory & Support

Why our services

Saving your time and physical resources: For most corporations even locally-owned, it would be a lot less efficient to hire full time employees just to carry out these infrequent processes – which normally take place couple of times a year. More staff means more effort and time for hiring and management activities.

Saving costs: In many cases, outsourcing service fees may look high for each time using the service. However, it would be much cheaper if compared with the total costs for hiring a full-time employee just to take care of these regulatory processes. The costs usually include salary, bonus, allowance, tax, health & insurance costs, office & tool costs, (self)-training costs, and so on.

Security of job quality:  Our high familiarity with the local laws, processes and document templates helps ensure the high quality and accuracy of the tasks we undertake for you.

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