Payroll and employment support

We take care of your payroll function and employment-related support to ensure accuracy, timeliness, and above all, confidentiality.

Payroll and Employment Support

DCPA will act as the client’s payroll function which makes sure that the monthly calculation and payment of staff salary is implemented properly, accurately and timely; and the declaration and payment of personal income tax (filing PIT tax returns) and mandatory social insurance (social security) is performed in compliance with the prevailing Vietnamese laws.

In addition, we assist in related employment tasks such as structuring compensation packages, preparing offer letters (upon your recruitment), drafting bilingual employment contracts in accordance with Vietnam’s labor laws and related regulations. We can also assist further in people search, selection and recruitment. Above all, we treat all your payroll and employment matters and information utmost confidential.

Team Leader

Truong Tran

(MBA)  Partner, Business Advisory & Support

Why Payroll Outsourcing

Meeting tight business schedules in urgent cases: Outsourcing may be a feasible option as outsourcing service providers are likely to have available resources to complete jobs within a short timeline required by clients.

Saving your time and physical resources: Depending on business nature, stages and sizes, many companies feel that it costs more effort and time to self-build a full-function HR department than outsourcing the payroll and employment-related function. More staff means more effort and time for management activities.

Saving costs: In many cases, outsourcing service fees may be high for each time using the service. However, if compared with the total costs for self-building up and maintaining a full function HR department in a fiscal period (esp. in a small organization), outsourcing fees are often lower. The costs usually include salary, bonus, allowance, tax, health & insurance costs, office & tool costs, training costs, and so on.

Security of job quality:  Generally speaking, accounting firms are likely to have personnel with relevant expertise and experience as they are under more frequent training and practice, and often have new knowledge and updates as they may learn them from many clients of the same and similar industries. Furthermore, we can help make sure your remuneration packages are competitive, while not being overpaid. This can additionally help you save costs.

Security of remuneration confidentiality: Outsourcing service is less risky than in-house department in term of salary confidentiality because it is independent. Besides, the confidentiality is ensured by the confidentiality agreement signed between us and you. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about finding reliable persons to take care of remuneration information

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