Accounting Review

Accounting Review

We help you identify material mistakes, enhance and optimize your accounting policies and procedures to minimize risks of material misstatement in the future.

Accounting Review

Companies often face difficulties in securing sufficient and competent finance/accounting resources. This is especially so when accounting teams are involved in time-consuming, non-core functions such as the compilation and preparation of accounting schedules. Other key challenges facing them are the absence of an independent party with unbiased opinions to handle sensitive issues or confidential accounting information, and lack of understanding of complex financial transactions and accounting schedules.

Let DCPA help you review all your accounting work. We will, monthly and annually, perform independent accounting review on the client’s accounting reports and related supporting documents to identify material mistakes, if any, before official sending accounting data to the client’s related departments, independent auditor (if any), the authorities  and/or other external parties

Team Leader

Tra Doan

(CPA)  Partner, Accounting & Business Support

Why Accounting Review

  • There are large volumes and types of transactions that are likely to result in material mistakes in accounting reports submitted to the related parties such as investors, local authorities, the public.
  • Your accounting personnel may not have adequate knowledge and skills to minimize tax risks to an acceptable level.
  • You want to add more control procedures from outside to motivate your people to strictly follow working procedures and policies, reducing frauds or mistakes due to ignorance.
  • You want to have advisors’ recommendations to make the most use of accounting laws for their business objectives
  • You want to hear advisors’ independent opinions with regard to accounting issues that are not specifically guided by accounting and tax laws.

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