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Audit and assurance is DCPA’s core competence. We have spent years providing independent financial audits to client firms and organizations in Vietnam. We ensure our audit professionals apply the highest standards of professional integrity, objectivity, independence and technical excellence to all our activities through careful deliberation and that staff with appropriate seniority are involved in each job. Through our audit, we also assist clients in achieving their business objectives, managing their risks, and improving their business performance. DCPA offers a broad range of audit and assurance services, notably the following:

Statutory Audit

In Vietnam, foreign-invested companies, state-owned enterprises and public companies (listed and unlisted) are required by laws to have their financial statements audited by an independent audit firm. DCPA helps you fulfill this compliance by auditing your accounts based on Vietnamese Accounting Standards for statutory filing or submission to local authorities.

IFRS Audit

A number of our clients are overseas entities, or holding companies based in regional hubs (usually Hong Kong and Singapore), or Vietnamese subsidiaries of regional or global MNCs, whose financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) either for overseas regulatory, group reporting or management purposes. In addition, an increasing number of local Vietnamese entities are required to adopt IFRS for reporting to foreign lenders and institutional investors.

Review of Financial Statements

We offer limited review services (less detailed and hence providing a lower level of assurance than a full audit) for interim reports of public companies (unlisted) and other entities in Vietnam or greater Indochina region as required.

Agreed-upon Procedures

DPCA can assist you in carrying out the procedures of a financial audit nature to which we – the auditor, you – the client, and any appropriate third parties have agreed and to report on factual findings. The recipients of the report form their own conclusions from the report by us.

Such report is normally restricted to those parties that have agreed to the procedures to be performed since others, unaware of the reasons for the procedures may misinterpret the results. For example, an agreed-upon procedures engagement may be commissioned by an entity which is acquiring another business. The entity may engage an audit to report on specific aspects of the business that it is buying.

In addition, we also provide other audit, assurance and accounting services such as non-statutory/ special-purpose audit of financial statements, operational audit, compliance audit, audit of construction projects, internal audit, internal control review and assessment/ setup, accounting system review and setup, various accounting services.


DCPA approaches your audit with a solid knowledge of your organization’s business practices, operations, and industry sector. We also bring you an in-depth understanding of evolving accounting practices and changes in the regulatory environment. As a result, we can provide you with a fully integrated audit plan that’s driven by a fine-tuned methodology, one which allows you to identify new and emerging risks, and assess the effectiveness of your internal controls.

As every business is unique, our professionals work with you to develop an audit approach tailored to each organization. After achieving an understanding of your business, we pinpoint areas of potential risk, ensure that the necessary internal controls are in place, and — when we detect weaknesses — recommend effective, practical solutions.

We also help you go beyond mandatory regulatory requirements to respond dynamically to the diverse needs of your crucial stakeholders, including management, board of directors, creditors, and shareholders. The outcome helps enhance your credibility in today’s demanding new marketplace.


As a final step in our audit process, we assess the accounting principles and estimates used to prepare your financial statements. Based on this thorough analysis, DCPA is ideally positioned to offer you useful business advice and help you benchmark your practices and results with those of your competitors. We also provide you with insights and solutions concerning potential internal control deficiencies. We call them business-focused recommendations, included in the management letter delivered along with the audited reports.


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Important changes to VAT administration

Important changes to VAT administration

Effective 1 July 2016, several important changes to VAT administration will be put into implementation. These include: More goods are waived from VAT return filing but still VAT-deductible: agricultural produce, livestock, aquatic products that are not yet processed...

Changes in regard to tax administrative penalties

Changes in regard to tax administrative penalties

In late May 2016, the Government issued two new decrees on the tax adminstration: Decree 45/2016 amending Decree 127/2013/ND-CP on penalties relating to Customs matters; and Decree 49/2016/ND-CP amending Decree 109/2013/ND-CP on penalties relating to invoicing...

Vietnam Retail

Vietnam Retail

Vietnam’s retail sales have grown dramatically over a long period of time, maintaining a 5-year CAGR of 17.6% (2010-2015) despite the economic slowdown in these years, to reach almost US$110bn in 2015. In particular, modern retail is growing extremely fast, though...

Vietnam Education

Vietnam Education

Education always plays a central role in Vietnamese culture and society. Vietnamese people believe that virtues are attained through learning. More parents sacrifice to ensure that their children obtain the good education. With the Vietnam’s increasing well-being,...

Vietnam Healthcare

Vietnam Healthcare

The health care system in Vietnam has long been cited as an example of primary health care that worked well. Vietnam brought down the rates of infant and under-five mortality as well as child mortality rates. Maternal mortality has also fallen dramatically, as have...

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Founded and run by deeply-rooted local professionals living and working many years in major cities of Vietnam, DCPA has built sound local insights and strong connections with local authorities of various fields and levels, domestic business communities and experts working across industry sectors. More about us..

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