Management Consulting

Management Consulting

In the context of continued global turbulence, the uncertainty of corporations’ business performance is getting more certain than ever. Let us help your management minimize or mitigate those uncertainties.

In Vietnam and some other parts of the world, many global and local corporations tend to expand multi-sectored and in many industry sectors they lack managerial and operational experience. Companies that do well are normally those that stay focused (in an industry/ business line, or particular market segment or geographic areas). Those who do otherwise may underperform compared to peers and likely need to diagnose and revamp corporate strategy and operations.

DCPA can help by providing your management with an external, independent perspective and hands-on knowledge across numerous industry sectors, drawing on our deep experience with multiple clients in various service disciplines. Our capability helps clients to make better strategic and operational choices based on a more complete understanding of their opportunities and risks. This includes tailored operations improvement solutions covering effective planning, design, and sustainable execution.

In so doing, we provide clients with two core services of management consulting: Strategic Review or Diagnosis; Operational Review/ Diagnosis and Benchmarking.  

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Strategic Review or Diagnosis

Strategic diagnosis is viewed as a necessary exercise for corporations to get an external and challenging view, to realign some business levers with customer expectations and/or industry standards, and to identify untapped potential and optimization opportunities.

Where there are business issues or poor performance (notably that experienced by newly added business units in a fast-growing multi-sectored corporate group), the strategic diagnosis will identify misalignments with customer expectations and/or industry standards and understand issues, find solutions and improvement levers and clarify the need to adapt the development model.

What DPCA can help you:  

  • Review your corporate strategy to see if it still fits with current market conditions and business environment
  • Identify sustainable differentiation strategy, market positioning, and opportunities for value creation. 

Operational Review/ Diagnosis and Benchmarking

Operational Diagnosis & Benchmarking can be done as a standalone exercise or embedded in a comprehensive diagnosis that first includes strategic diagnosis for a high-level review before coming to the detailed levels of operations.

An operational diagnosis will enable you to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your current operations, so as to evaluate the impact of the current corporate/ business strategy and past interventions (if any) or to determine what the next interventions should be.  An operational diagnosis will be incomplete without conducting competitive benchmarking to compare the performance of your business against a number of competitors or the industry average by using a set number of metrics.

What DCPA can help you: 

External Assessment – of the opportunities and threats presently facing the company, along with an evaluation of the prevailing industry competitive environment

Internal Assessment – of the strengths and weaknesses (issues) in the following functional areas: Management, Human Resources, Research and Development, Manufacturing and Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics, Marketing and Sales, Information Technology,

Competitive Benchmarking – comparison against peers in terms of: product or service offerings, capacity and utilization, manufacturing and commercial facilities and location, revenues and operating margins, information technology, other key metrics/ observations.

Featured Track Record

Strategic and Operational Review for a leading Japanese-invested concrete maker. 

Operational Diagnosis & Competitive Benchmarking for a local leading FMCG manufacturer.

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