Kiểm toán theo chuẩn mực IFRS

If you are incpororated overseas for tax purposes while operating mostly in Vietnam, then our IFRS Audit (non-statutory) could add significant value.

Kiểm toán theo chuẩn mực IFRS

A number of our clients are overseas entities, or holding companies based in regional hubs (usually Hong Kong and Singapore), or Vietnamese subsidiaries of regional or global MNCs, whose financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) either for overseas regulatory, group reporting or management purposes. In addition, an increasing number of local Vietnamese entities are required to adopt IFRS for foreign lenders and institutional investors.

The increasing convergence between VAS (Vietnamese Accounting Standards) and IFRS is greatly facilitating a financial audit under IFRS. Besides, our strong knowledge of IRFS can guarantee the quality of an IFRS audit.

The Team

Cảnh Dương

(CPA)  Audit Partner

Tại sao chọn DCPA

State-Of-Art Audit Approach

DCPA approaches your audit with a solid knowledge of your organization’s business practices, operations, and industry sector. We also bring you an in-depth understanding of evolving accounting practices and changes in the regulatory environment. As a result, we can provide you with a fully integrated audit plan that’s driven by a fine-tuned methodology, one which allows you to identify new and emerging risks, and assess the effectiveness of your internal controls.

In addition, as every business is unique, our professionals work with you to develop an audit approach tailored to each organization. After achieving an understanding of your business, we pinpoint areas of potential risk, ensuring that the necessary internal controls are in place, and — when we detect weaknesses — recommend effective, practical solutions.

Standard Delivery Process

The process of delivery an audit service consists of the following standard steps: I) kick-off discussion; ii) planning (at DCPA offices); iii) fieldwork (at client’s premises); iv) finding discussion; and finally, v) reporting.  Based on actual situations, this process can be slightly customized to meet client’s needs or adapted to client’s circumstance. In many cases, reporting may consist of interim reporting and final reporting.

Significant Added Value

We can help you go beyond mandatory regulatory requirements to respond dynamically to the diverse needs of your crucial stakeholders, including management, board of directors, creditors, and shareholders. The outcome of the final step of the audit process, – as elaborated below – helps enhance your credibility in today’s demanding new marketplace.

As a final step in our audit process, we assess the accounting principles and estimates used to prepare your financial statements. Based on this thorough analysis, DCPA is ideally positioned to offer you useful business advice and help you benchmark your practices and results with those of your competitors. We also provide you with insights and solutions concerning potential internal control deficiencies. We call them business-focused recommendations, included in the management letter delivered along with the audit report.

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