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We conduct results-driven, tailored market studies with a view to identifying on clients’ behalf the right market entry or growth strategy for Vietnam.

Vietnam Market Study

DCPA understands that local success relies crucially on timely access to and sound interpretation of relevant data/info, coupled with reliable on-the-ground support. Although data appear to be increasingly accessible, it is in practice generally challenging to acquire accurate, relevant and up-to-date business data/ info, notably in Vietnam where data/ info transparency and consistency tends to be quite an issue.

We can assist you in obtaining all the answers to your key questions with our data-related capabilities, proven research methodologies and workable strategies concerning immense business opportunities in Vietnam, an increasingly preferred investment destination.

DCPA leverages on our numerous strengths (elaborated in Why DCPA below) to develop comprehensive analyses and definitive recommendations. Our work is generally both quantitative and qualitative, based on an optimal blend of desk and field researches. Our facts-based, results-driven approach entails a deep and practical understanding of the subject matter and ensures the real issues are identified and explored.

Team Leader

Truong Tran

(MBA) Partner, Business & Transaction Advisory

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  • Sound combination of market knowledge (in-house and external experts), business/ entrepreneurial experience and analytics which turns data into insights
  • Practical approach with facts-based, results-driven, highly-tailored market studies with a view to identifying on your behalf the right market entry and growth strategies for Vietnam
  • Focused perspectives and analyses to enhance clients’ decision-making, performance and growth
  • Nationwide coverage enabled by our team members coming from and practically working across various parts of the country – by projects (i.e. North, South, Central Highlands, Mekong Delta).

What DCPA can help

  • Comprehensive market study or quick market scan
  • Tailored market study on consumer/market trends, product opportunities, demand size and growth, or a specific market segment or niche
  • Customized industry research with focus on supply chain/ value chain, supply capacities/ sourcing opportunities, competitor intelligence
  • Market/industry updates focusing on recent developments or trends
  • Market entry/ Growth/ Investment (FDI/ M&A/ PE) opportunities assessment
  • Competitive benchmarking and analysis
  • Players scanning and profiling, partner(s) screening. 

Featured Track Record

Agricultural processing & wholesale, Ecuador

Tailored market study focused on feedstock sourcing possibilities and competitor intelligene

Agricultural processing & marketing, Australia

In-depth market surveys on retailers and consumers, competitive benchmarking

Textile & garment, India

High-level in-depth surveys on top 50 importers’ purchase capacities and behaviors

Other Market Entry & Investment Advisory services

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