Site Identification & Selection

Site Identification & Selection

Selecting the right local location for a global business operation is fundamental to ensuring long-term competitiveness, yet the task has become incrreasingly complex.

Vietnam Site Identification & Selection

Many global firms are looking for new operating facilities and considering Vietnam (usually versus peer countries in Asia/ Latin America) as a potential location for their business process outsourcing (BPO) center, warehouse or distribution center, regional headquarters, manufacturing plant or shared services center. In many cases, it could be their endeavors to relocate their Chinese operations in a strong wave of China supply chain exodus.

However, site selection process has become far more complex in recent years given the increasing significance of Asia/ Southeast Asia in the globe, the disparate economic growth between the countries, the strong competition for labor, varied taxation advantages. Selecting the right local location for a global business operation is fundamental to ensuring long-term competitiveness.

DCPA has a strategic and systematic approach to all aspects of location-related corporate considerations. With our local knowledge and international expertise, we offer boots-on-the-ground research for you to evaluate all your options.

Team Leader

Truong Tran

(MBA) Partner, Business & Transaction Advisory

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  • Sound combination of market knowledge, business/ entrepreneurial experience and analytics which turns insights into results
  • Practical approach with facts-based, results-driven, highly-tailored research with a view to identifying and selecting the right site for you
  • Focused perspectives and analyses to enhance clients’ decision-making, performance and growth
  • Nationwide coverage enabled by our team members coming from and practically working across various geographic parts of Vietnam.

How DCPA can help

  • Understand your business needs in terms of infrastructure, logistics, supply chain, tariffs, effective free trade agreements, budgets, labor force, availability of related suppliers/ vendors, and eligibility for various government incentives (if any)
  • Undertake research to determine if Vietnam (and a specific region/ province/ district thereof) could meet the above criteria
  • Make a short list (along with pros-and-cons analysis and ranking) of top potential locations for your consideration/ our discussion and your selection.

Featured Track Record

Quicornac, Agricultural Processing & Wholesale,            Ecuador

Site identification for a target processing plant based in Central Highlands  with critical sourcing requirement.

Pharos International, Pharmaceutical & Personcal care, Indonesia

Site selection for a new manufacturing plant that meet various economic & operational criteria.

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