We help you by supplying impartial and objective analysis and rendering opinions in the course of M&A or any similar corporate transaction you undertake.

Why Valuation

Almost every corporate transaction requires an independent, third-party assessment of valuation to ascertain the fairness of the proposed or offered price. Our team helps clients by supplying impartial and objective analysis and rendering opinions in the course of M&A / corporate transactions undertaken by clients. Our unbiased position protects the integrity of the assessment.

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis, relative valuation (also called comparable valuation – normally consisting of transaction comparable and peer/trading comparable analyses) and Net Asset Value (NAV) or Adjusted Book Value are among the most common valuation methodologies to employ. In certain instances, rule-of-thump valuations are also utilized to the extent available and possible, though mostly for cross-checking purposes.

Valuation can either be independent assignment engaged by a client, or part of a broader engagement (M&A Advisory – the full scope, Transaction Support – less than full scope) toward the goal of deal closing. In the latter case, we will utilize valuation as a tool to assist clients in negotiation with the target/buyer. 


Team Leader

Truong Tran

(MBA) Partner, Business & Transaction Advisory

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  • Solid expertise of current state-of-the-art valuation methodologies known and applied worldwide
  • Access to relevant valuation databases, global and local
  • Practical local knowledge enabling a realistic perspective on market dynamics and business growth parameters
  • Competitive fees helping you minimize transaction costs
  • Deadline commitment preventing you from missing key transaction milestones.

What DCPA can help

  • Review a valuation model prepared by your project team
  • Prepare a valuation model from scratch with your inputs of historical financials and key forecast parameters
  • Prepare a full valuation memorandum based on our own valuation model or your reviewed model, including sections on Vietnam market dynamics and competitive benchmarking
  • Review a valuation proposal by an intended acquirer and provide our perspective
  • Prepare a formal counter offer in response to an intended buyer’s valuation proposal.

Featured Track Record

Mekong Capital, US-invested PE fund management

Exclusive sell-side M&A advisor for the divestment of Ngo Han Wire, a local leading magnet wire manufacturer.

Saigon Capital, local PE-focused asset management

Target identification and commercial due diligence for the pre-IPO investment in Truong Long Auto.

Other Transaction Advisory services

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